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“Successful adults”

don't want you to know that   APPRECIATION

Communication is the key that  Has unlimited potential for you to unlock & break barriers to harvest 

Amazing results that even you shocked for yourself

Are you a teacher, parent or a professional?

Do you communicate directly with children?

Then you must take some time off and realise the next few lines

I started my life as a teacher for 4 children in a small room teaching mathematics and charged 250 Rs per month, not to brag but today we have employed 50 teachers in our school and are running multiple organizations under the prestigious banner



How did we grow so much in a span of 12 years?

What's the ingredient?
Do people share their trade secrets?

What if...

well lets not even go there

For the first time in 12 years, you now have exclusive access to lay your hands-on 
The one key ingredient that revolutionised everything that I touched


Am sometimes an exception among the group of conventional adults and teachers, people consider my methods strange, for instance 

A lot of parents consult me to re-mould their children and work with them, the first thing I do is look for what I can appreciate the child for! No matter what zone or what state of life is the current status 

However pretty much everyone agrees that I am right and am fearless in my approach and the results that I provide for children has left them 
Baffled and the parents leave my office with their jaws dropped

If you ever visit my website you have the list of students and what they feel about my work. This has also made a lot of people turn their jealousy towards me

A lot of my competitors ( if any ) may be wondering what is that PAVAN has in him that I don't have? Can I learn that? Can my children get similar results? Can I grow like him? Can I get testimonials like him? 


Its time for you to discover how to harness 18 powerful strategies on the concept of APPRECIATION to use in your daily communication for amazing results 
Which even shows you the perfect way to integrate your language

Actually, I do not want every teacher/parent to lay their hands on this programme, in fact only if you are an adult with a deep interest in moulding your children to be really powerful, I mean extremely powerful life in their academics, behaviour, communication, discipline, emotions, 
 Then go ahead and subscribe to these thoughts 

The concepts that we are going to break into such small pieces which you will absorb and grasp the same in no time is not taught in professional courses for teachers! No parent has seen this in their schools or colleges, so you must not complain or crib that how come such important secrets were not discussed in your educational process at all 

Session 1 - you will understand the power of appreciation in a normal conversation 

What happens to the state of mind when you receive appreciation?

You will learn the feelings behind the appreciation 

You will even learn to thank the person behind your appreciation and maybe the gratitude is paid back 

You will relive those precious moments 

Your awareness of the appreciation starts opening up with a lot of clarity 

And this is just the start …….. slowly but steadily 

We are moving to 

Session 2 - how to appreciate children? 

You will start harnessing the powers of appreciation here 

You will get full clarity about - what you can appreciate and what not to appreciate (appreciate the ego than the whole purpose is lost) 

What reviews you can do to move away from appreciating that's good only for your world to start understanding your child's world and appreciate them as per their view towards their world

What's your vision for your child, are you appreciating them as per the vision? Does your child really have a vision? If not how can you create one? 

And after you master this you can listen to the 

Session 3 - three layers of appreciation 

Here you will get access to live discussions on 

Surface level appreciation 

Belief level appreciation 

Core transformation 

Slowly you are getting into the heart of appreciation .when you get this session, we know you will as it is beautifully crafted with real examples, you will notice changes in your language itself! A  new perception develops 

And that leads to 

Session - 4

How can you appreciate a -ve behaviour 

OMG is what I read above true? Yes indeed 

You will easily learn to identify intentions behind behaviours 

What these behaviours are doing to the child and even 

Craft statements to modify negative behaviours to positive behaviours

Conditional behaviours are introduced which can be an eye-opener to all the blind spots of yours which you may have been blind till date 

Session -5 

Less work maximum result 

Sounds like a management lesson? Not really 

In this session, you learn how to create switches where a gentle gesture 
A touch or a predetermined movement of your body creates the same feeling 
Of appreciation in your children! Fascinating isn't it? 

Ps- you will even get insights to eradicate the bad triggers and switches in you 

Session -6 

This session entirely focuses on leveraging the strengths of appreciation to resolve a past or present or an anticipated future conflict
 we call this speak to resolve

You will probably be able to witness the real capacity of appreciation during a conflict resolution

Session 7

By the beginning of this session, we will handcraft this process to become a system where awareness is bought into various tools that can make appreciation and automatic part of your natural conversations so that you don’t have to force yourself to seek for opportunities to appreciate

Don’t you think this is a blessing in disguise

Session 8


During this conversation, you will unearth the stealth strategies to manoeuvre the conversations to blow the appreciations out of proportions which will create a state of mind for your children that they probably may have never experienced prior to the use of these concepts by you in day to day activities

Session 9 

In this session, you will get the formula for separating the appreciation to words the person and directing the same towards the skill and this skill in appreciation will surely avoid the needless boost to the ego which sometimes acts as a self-sabotage which results in A lot of adults avoiding appreciation towards children

As we discover the hidden code of appreciation we shall also look at the right ways of appreciation

Session 10 

By now you would have easily mastered the use of language to comfortably appreciate anyone any time any place anywhere

Let this mastery be linked to identify existing potential in children that can be linked to new growth

In this section, you will learn the sophistication in appreciation that will lead to recognition of the current strains and empowerment of the same strength to challenge and connect to a new possibility or an outcome

Session 11

“This is a mind-blowing session” this was the same words used by one of the participants after going through this portion 
if you want to know what this person had in two lines it was all about
 results versus efforts

In this zone, we carefully empower every Listener  to understand how to appreciate each and every point of growth for the children, in fact, we go to our position where even the slightest improvement in children is being appreciated so that all these multi-layers of appreciation result in strong virtue in children

Session 12 & 13 

Maybe you should be able to gauge the weightage given to this one single topic as the same has been combined for two sessions and if you’re wondering what is that that I am actually going to talk about then it’s time for you to know that

 We are not going to channelise I will combine all the skills learnt in the previous sessions to learn to melt and break barriers, yes you heard that right

In fact, these two sections 12 and 13 are dedicated to empowering you with a new language in the dictionary of your mind to easily take your communication to help the receiver to raise into a different state of mind

And when the client is in a different state of mind we look at appreciation as a tool to break the existing belief systems to replace the same with a different viewpoint and a perception that leads to new goals which in turn provides in unbelievable outcomes for the person going through your communication

In short, your communication now steps up to transforming peoples lives

Session 14 

From here you could take the appreciation to the day-to-day activities of your communication, for example, we are looking at negotiation as A lovely skill development

In this session, you will cover the components of appreciation in your communication during your negotiation where you could swing every conversation in your direction and of course, we always aim at an ethical win-win situation for both the parties

You may be fascinated by the kind of invaluable key points that you will gather during this session and how it changes the entire direction of your next negotiation after the session

 Session 15 

In this session, you will be able to easily understand what real assets are and how you could impact and bring in a generative change in the bloodline of your family well what is it a heavy statement, yes but we standby it and you will confirm the same to me after you go through the complete experience of this session

You will easily pick up the difference that you are going to make to your next generation and the other next generation

When the big news is here on a real case you may be alive to watch the fourth generation but definitely not the fifth generation of your own family but your language skills and your abilities to communicate shall always be passed on and how do you do that?  go through the session completely

Session 16 

In section 16 you will understand half memory works a key part of the brain where it stores factual data and how the fascinating human brain can associate its own experiences and feelings to this data and convert the whole memory into a story which can empower you or tear you up

And as we focus on building you and your communication to the highest form of standards the foundation of your stories and your memories are separated with their emotions and your old stories are rewritten as your new stories with you bringing in the appreciation for each and every memory of your past

This single skill alone is a valuable session to make you recover every pile of what you have paid for this particular program

Session 17 

In this session, we look at your internal appreciation for all the things that you may have forgotten to appreciate in your own life but have taken it for granted and therefore it is extremely important for you to resolve this and bring this international and recognise the issue which may be a conflict to be resolved

Session 18 


The final session that concludes and reminds you all the learnings that you have gathered and mastered in the previous sessions and offers a gratitude session from your inner thought process to your world that you respect the most decision not only prepares you for being the force for good in the society but also rekindles the very aspect of your intention and the sole purpose that is behind your communication

As the stage is set for you to take charge and create wonders in your communication towards the world it’s time for you to get ready and be on the lookout for certification in appreciative behaviour therapy which could be sent to you as a recognition for your workplace or could empower you to look at you training these concepts to people in the world of yours


Bonus number one

I must tell you this that I have actually spent more money then what you probably are paying me now to get access this course to transcribe the entire 18 hours of the audio recordings that I have had with the participants to elicit the entire appreciative behaviour therapy

And of course, you are eligible for an e-book completely to be downloaded immediately after you decide to lay your hands on appreciative behaviour therapy and become a force for good in your community in your family and in your place of work

This could be a great combination in case you want to plug-in to the audios and listen to the sessions while you get access to read the book too 

Bonus number 2 

Get access to frequently asked questions practice sessions and online enrichment webinars have done for the previous participants to enhance their learning

The value of these sessions is nothing less than gold in your hand 
Remember your key to mastering this format of communication lies in the number of hours that you have spent in your practice and the sessions give you a clear-cut process to set your foundation skills to move from the theory to begin a rocking practice session

And all this for free when you start the journey with appreciative behaviour therapy



What can happen to you when you listen to all of these powerful content? 
Just by making sure that the voice inside you is getting connected to our conversations you are automatically extracting and assimilating all the knowledge and secrets of an expert appreciative behaviour therapist


The more time you spend listening to this again and again the better you are learning the better your brain is picking up new patterns of communication the better your abilities in terms of speaking in the best forms of communication shall naturally flow through your daily conversations

Even while you put your maximum effort on focusing on this scale consciously the way the material is designed will take you deep down into the core concepts of an effective communicator

So in a nutshell what is that that you’re going to get through this conversation

   18 hours of audio recordings of a master trainer to on-board you on today’s ultra-modern scientific research driven appreciative behaviour therapy


       A complete 300-page transcription that has been placed as an e-book for you to utilise the same as a reference guide and a manual to look up to

 Audio transcripts of all practice sessions bonus webinars frequently asked questions by previous participants which keep your learning and our courses on the edge of updated content so that it ensures that you are getting the latest and the best out there in the industry to enhance your communication


An opportunity which could turn out to be golden for you if you decide to take an exam at the end for no Additional costs cost  
and upon your successful completion, a free certification that recognises your efforts in harnessing this concept into your skill of communication shall be sent to you and a copy of the same can be provided to your workplace with an appreciation letter that recognises your efforts and the value that you could bring for your organisation


Why stop here! We are pretty confident that any adult who has a big vision for the development of communication. Will surely recognise these key concepts and if you think that you have the stuff and you to go ahead and become a trainer in appreciated behaviour therapy then feel free to communicate with us to take your journey to the next level where we on-board you to be a trainer And show you different paths to earn income from our concepts


Well here is some interesting news for you which will remove every obstacle in your mind if any to jump into this course

As a personal guarantee, I am going to offer you 100% guarantee for a complete refund of the entire program for you in case you decide the same within the first 30 days of the date of purchase of this program

In fact, we are not even going to ask you to return our digital access of audios and the PDF of the e-book and we shall let that be with you as a gift from our side to develop humanity

We are not making this statement in arrogance but with sheer humility as we know that a participant asking for a refund for any of our program is highly unlikely because

Our courses are original authentic pure 

Anyways you have full 30 days to make your decision and I am sure you will agree with me right now that this offer can’t get any better than a complete no question asked refund policy of hours makes your life easy and safe isn’t it
It’s time for you to make a meaningful decision for yourself

After you have gone through all the processes of this course

You have mastered yourself the knowledge of appreciative behaviour therapy a key component of human communication which will make you an effective individual

You have understood the impact on how you could be a force for good in the lives of people around you and add such a meaningful life for them

You have even understood that this programme is delivered in small bits of information and builds layer upon layer which is the best way for any human being in this world to learn

You have understood that you have been covered without any risk in our hundred per cent refund policy and this means you are not taking any chances with the course especially with your hard-earned money

Make decisions now because if you decide to grab this journey then it naturally is going to place you at a higher level of communication and removes all the blindspots however you could choose to continue in your existing line spot without working on your own communication and get ready to be happy with your results that you have currently on your plate of life

New learning results in new patterns which results in new beliefs which results in new results

 If you have decided to take advantage of this successful secret of hours that was kept with us for a long time then it’s very easy for you to lay your hands on this program appreciate a behavioural therapy for unbelievable results right now and all you have to do is proceed to checkout

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