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Proud to tell Pavan was and still my teacher n mentor..... He was always been a guiding light to me in every instance of my life... He was the only one to recognize my creative talents n always n still encouraging me to do something new... His teachings were like the Holy sayings..... He thought many apart from syllabus.... He was the one person who makes ppl not study the subject but makes us live with them.... His mind map is still helping me in my work life too.....

Executive Finance Anaylst at Target Corporation


Pavan, a name that used to & still does bring peace of mind to my parents. Before Pavan I was your average student on the brink of ruining my education, luckily someone close to me suggested Aachieve Academy. Life was never the same for me since then. He has this rapport with students, which, till date I've seen in one other teacher in my life. For me, that relationship with a teacher was something important and because of which I excelled at Aachieve Academy. One of his strategies that made the biggest impact for me was the Points System. I always believed that for any amount of work done by a student, he should be rewarded with something. This is where the Group System came into play, combined with the Points System, it was a wonderful tool to always keep me interested in my education. He was the only one who believed in me when no one else would and that belief in me is what got me through my tenth board exams.


Pavan R.C is not just a name Its a brand of future in education Pavan helped me alot in terms of studies or personality development And he has patience of same teaching a math problem until we understand This this helped me to get first class marks in final exam. All credits goes for pavan. And Achieve academy is a place we're they educate us in different manner. We will enjoy studying in this place.


Pavan is such a guy who took off the entire pressure of facing SSLC exam off my head. He has the perfect mixture of knowledge and skill to deliver the best. When it comes to providing opportunities for personal development of an individual he is always there. Thank you pavan for making me change the view about studies. Thanks a lot for everything :D



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