Snatching Back My Family from Technology

Take a minute and reflect on your family, are they close like you were with your family when growing up or are they close to their technological gadgets? Do your children enjoy when you are around or does it feel like it is the same when you are away or at home to them because of their technology? These are some of the questions that disturbed me when I looked at my 4 year old daughter. She was addicted to her mobile/tab that we could not spend family time together. Even during meals she had to watch YouTube and this was totally different from how I was raised because meal time was family time. I did not want to stop her though I knew it was wrong, my daughter will grow up being more socialized with the technology than me.

Although, we have to move with the pace at which the society is moving but there are some things that should not change like the bond between a family. Technology has its advantages but it has a major impact on the upbringing of the future generation and family as an institution. I used to see my daughter rotate from watching TV to watching clips on YouTube to playing games on electronic devices. This troubled me a lot because I knew the implications it will have on her and I was determined to change the situation.

Negative Impacts of Technology to Your Child

· It kills creativity- What happened to the good old days when we could enjoy life and play games with the absence of tech products. Writing is an art and form of creativity but its being killed slowly with texts, chatting and all the social media platforms that do not care about any grammatical rules. The boredom that used to make us creative has been taken away by tech. Most parents will hate to hear their children saying “am bored” but it is this boredom that used to make us creative and imaginative.

· Creates addiction- If my daughter did something wrong I used to take her mobile/tab from her. She will be sad but also she will learn a lesson. This means that she is very depend on them that she will do anything to have them. Most of the tech products are addictive and to prove my point compare the time you spend with your child and the time they spend on their phones. Electronic games of all sorts are in the market and your child can sit on the couch from morning to evening doing nothing else but gaming.

· Creates health problems- We are raising a generation of physically unfit children because they perform very minimal physical activities. Research indicates that the increase use of gadgets in children creates a lot of health conditions such as eye sight problems, neck pains, and back pains among many others.

· Social relationships- Electronic gadgets have affected social relationships in a negative way. Children would rather chat with their friends over the social media than have physical contact or even spend some quality time with the parents. sometimes I you just want to talk to your child to know what has been happening in their lives but as you busy talking to them they are busy scrolling through their phone or wondering what time will you stop talking they continue with their game.

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