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Are you a growth-oriented parent? Then get a coach!

The tough thing with parenting is that you must get all the training for the job by yourself. Parents have to learn everything themselves as time passes. While this might seem obvious, it doesn't have to be mandatory. I have mentored many parents in my parental workshops, and once they started finding results, they have thanked me for saving their time and effort, while also helping them connect with their children better. Even you could have a coach who could offer you their piece of wisdom. So, why exactly would you need a coach?

They have a reliable experience

A person who has spent time with kids as a part of his/her study and work, they understand the tiny little nuances of behaviour that children display. From their tantrums to their homework, the coach would know the reason and pattern behind. The coach would know how to connect with kids at a friendly level, which can help you.

They look at the larger picture

As a coach, one would have dealt with many parents who once complained about certain behaviours of their children which they thought would make a drastic difference to the child's future, but which didn't in the end. A coach knows that the present behaviour of the child is not necessarily his future character.

They are empathetic

Let's all take a moment and agree that parenting needs our mental, physical and emotional strength greatly. At days, all we want to do is vent out and cry about things that are causing stress. A coach would know the exact feeling you are going through and would be able to lend you a shoulder to rely on.

What should you look for in your coach?

> I always tell parents in my workshops that I can't be a sweet coach to them. I tell them outright that a sweet coach will compromise their growth. It is important to choose your coach the right way. Here are few things that could give you some clarity.

>The coach must have years of practical learning with kids

> A person who has been around children for most of his time knows that children can get really sensitive. He would also know how to tap the right nerves to help a child grow in a better way.

>A coach must have a strong set of values.

>The philosophy of parenting must be strongly rooted in family, integrity and personal character. Your parental goals and the coach's values must align well, for you to bond with the coach well.

>And most importantly you must enjoy the coach's company

While I saw I can't be a sweet coach, I don't mean I behave like a teacher. It is important for a coach to make you feel comfortable. What you need is a friend whose company you can enjoy, while also discussing things that matter.

Well, our children are our greatest assets. If we can get trained for personality management, asset management, stress management, business management and a lot of other things, why can't we get the help of a coach for something that matters to us the most? No prizes for guessing as a parent which is your most important asset

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