Vanquish the fear of failure in your child!

As a teacher myself, I have come across students who hold back themselves because they fear failure. It is not a rare sight after all. We've all come across children who hesitate to speak up mainly because they fear they are going to say something wrong. I have worked with thousands of children, and I can distinctly talk about two types of responses children give when they're posed with a challenge. They either give up even before they try, so that they can avoid the chances of failure. Or they start fretting when they don't get it right the first time they try it.

Both of these lead to an anxiety in children which would certainly affect their performance as well. The very fear of failure can be disastrous if not treated the right way in the right time. You have nothing to worry about if your child isn't good at something. He/she can always get better at it. But you definitely have something to worry about if your child says, "I'm not going at it"!

Based on my experience in helping kids explore success, I have come up with a few approaches to help children overcome their fear of failure. I hope it helps you and your children too!

Change the perception of fail