Saying a No to your child: Why is it so hard?

I have been working with thousands of children over a span of twelve years, and one of the most common concerns of many parents is that they just don't know how to say a NO to their children. "How do I say a NO without hurting my child, Pavan?" They ask, and that explains to me how most of them have become passive parents when instead they must be active ones.

It's a known fact that kids make it unbelievably hard for parents to say a NO. Your child might make you feel guilty, he or she might throw tantrums. They resort to plenty of such ways, but what you should remember is that you can only set your limits and not be responsible for how he or she feels about it


I've seen parents choose to give up though they clearly want to fix certain limits. Let me tell you that you still have time to enforce such limits while assisting your child in developing skills that would help him/her deal with rejections they are going to face in the real world in their future.