Who invented the airplane? - The Wright Brothers.

Who invented the bulb? - Thomas Alva Edison.

And the steam engine? - James Watt.

The list goes on

If we look at the past, passionate and the somewhat -eccentric people spearheaded inventions and discoveries. They worked unaided without any fringes, in their labs; rolling out their contraptions and innovations. Ultimately they did get the deserving recognition.

On the contrary, if we ask you, who invented the USB, the Intel i7 processor or the high-end laptop? I wonder what your answer would be! What we understand is, all the latest inventions and achievements are not credited to any particular individual; though we do hear of some rare cases. Even so, that individual may either be funded or is a part of a corporate or some company.

Why are we discussing this now? There is an immensely valid reason for this. While the world is working in to bring forth various discoveries and inventions, our students who are at the grass root level are guided to excel as individual performers.

The phrase 'work as a team 'is a famous saying used in all walks of life. As a corporate head or an employee of a company, you would have used it in various contexts. On the other hand, If you are an entrepreneur, you would have been urging your employees to 'work as a team.'

There is a famous quote which says, 'if you need to run faster, you run alone but if you need to run longer, run together.' This is the motto of the current corporates today. Most, in fact, all the corporates work as a team. Technically speaking they do so because an individual cannot possess all the human skills necessary to achieve the objectives. There are several departments, as an HR team, Finance team, could be a marketing team, software coding team, the list can go on. Collaboration brings in variety, finesse and a level of comfort. Unity is why teams exist, and that's how teams work.

Instead of relying on an individual who has the limited know-how, the task could be divided amongst a team of experts who will deliver their part well. Then the group collates the assignment in hand and presents it. Such is the scene in the corporate world today.